Create a Simple PHP BBCode Parser function

PHP BBCode Parser

Let us create a Simple BBCode Parser function with PHP. I guess you all know about BBCodes? BB code is a very simple set of codes (also known as BB tags) which is used to style or format the text displayed. When a text encapsulated with BB code is displayed in the browser, the BB […]

How to Show Custom Sidebar for Specific Pages in WordPress using Genesis framework

Custom Sideabr for specific pages in wordpress

In this post I will tell you how you can show a custom sidebar instead of your usual sidebar for a specific page in your WordPress website which is using the Genesis framework. I got this recent fiverr gig in which the client need to show up a specific sidebar for one of his page. […]

The Easy Way to Show Placeholder images or Dummy images

Show Placeholder Image

While making a new website design or website template, you often require some dummy images or placeholders to use in your template so as to get the perfect view of your web design. I used to be wasting time doing this the hard way of using image editing tools and creating and cropping images. However […]

How to Add Your Custom Logo to WordPress Login Screen?

How to Add Your Custom Logo to Wordpress Login Screen

Hey, Do you wanna know how I usually figure out whether a website is using WordPress..? Well, its pretty easy I just check for their /wp-admin/ page.  And there you can see it clearly “WordPress” logo stating it all. Most of us ignore to do any customizing to the WordPress login screen as we believe […]

How to Embed a Tweet in Your Blog Post ?


Embedding a tweet in your blog post is very easy. Twitter has already provided the ‘Embed this Tweet‘ feature, which lets you to embed any tweet in your blog post. All you have to do is to find the desired tweet you wish to embed and get the codes. If you are using WordPress version […]

How to Easily Show Adsense Ads anywhere Inside the Blog Post

How to easily show Adsense Ads anywhere inside Blog Post

Proper placing of your ads is a really effective way to maximize the Google Adsense earnings. And many people supports and recommend to place ads inside or within the blog post. In this article I’m going to share to you how I easily show Adsense Ads anywhere inside the blog post by creating shortcode in […]